why hult alumni are not traceable and what about “Hult prize” and “FT ranking”

This question is posted by some genuine candidate here. Now this itself is a sign enough to alert new genuine candidates.

To prospectives candidate recruiters at Hult are very enthusiastic to share about hult prize, Clinton global initiative and Financial ranking  (FT) ranking. Here is a reality check.

Hult Prize:

Yes it is very good initiative by Hult and IXL foundation. But will it benefit you?

Many a times they are successful in enticing candidates with these phrases. Yes you like such event to be organised by your school as lead partner. But is this what you are paying for? You will be just another participant with 100 others school’s candidates. Historically candidates from other schools have excelled in this event as they come from a better pool of students. Hult have normally 400-600 range of GMAT scoring candidates most in lower belt. and please don’t go by their published GMAT scores. As i said earlier those are fudged data. You will know that actual from either from genuine alumni (which is rare to find) or by join their upcoming batch.

FT ranking:

These institutional rankings are managed by weird cohort of businessmen and not to be trusted.

The school with more leverage tries to up their ranking without making reputed genuine schools angry. Here is a truth behind decade of promotion of being top-ranked-mba-school. And based on experiences of hult alumni, following is definitely not a mistake.

here is link for report from Mary Moore


Hult International Business School tops a federal ranking of the most expensive colleges in the country, but the ranking is based on erroneous data that Hult submitted by mistake – yet the federal government plans to leave the ranking as is.

At issue is a list for the 2011-2012 academic year promulgated recently by the U.S. Department of Education, showing schools that receive Title IV financial aid and have the highest net prices. The federal agency calculates net price by taking the sticker price for colleges and universities and subtracting out financial aid and grants, leaving the out-of-pocket expense for students.

Based on the U.S. Department of Education’s calculations, Hult came in highest. And the information is posted on a U.S. Department of Education website called “College Affordability and Transparency Center,” which you can see here.

The problem is that Hult, which is headquartered in Cambridge, submitted the wrong data. The school mistakenly submitted tuition and cost data for all of its programs, which are primarily MBA degrees and one-year master’s degrees, and on all five of its campuses. Three of those campuses are not in the United States, they are in London, Shanghai and Dubai, and the other two are in Cambridge and San Francisco.

Hult has undergraduate students, but none of them are in the United States.They are in London. Hult will not have any U.S.-based undergraduates until September, when its first cohort starts in San Francisco.

The 2011-2012 academic year was the first for which Hult submitted data to the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), the federal center that collects information from colleges and universities – and the information the U.S. Department of Education uses for its annual ranking. Information from each school can be found on the IPEDS website and also on a related website called College Navigator.

“The mix up came because the forms are complex and they didn’t specify clearly that they only want U.S. (undergraduate) students studying in the U.S.,” said Michael Lu, a vice president of Hult, based in London.

He said that Hult officials have tried unsuccessfully to reach the U.S. Department of Education so that the ranking can be changed.

“But it’s so long ago that they submitted this, they’re probably reluctant to make any change. So our expectation of any change are low,” Lu said.

An official with the U.S. Department of Education said the agency is aware of the erroneous information, but it has no plans to change the ranking. Hult’s net price data had been published incorrectly on the College Navigator website for quite some time, and the school did not dispute it, the official said.

The Department of Education official said that Hult certified the data, like all other higher education institutions, under the penalty of law. And when Hult was contacted because its values were extreme, Hult said the data was correct.

“In this case, the institution did justify the increase in tuition prior to certifying,” the official said in an email.

The official said that, every year the U.S. Department of Education publishes this net price ranking, schools complain that the data is incorrect. So the Education Department isn’t budging for Hult – even though the College Navigator, which lists schools’ net prices, has changed Hult‘s information.

“Our protocol is to not change the lists,” the U.S. Department of Education official said.

When asked why it would leave erroneous information posted on a website designed to help families and students make informed higher education decisions, the official said in an emailed statement:

“This is a legally required list and that the Department has complied with the law. The institution’s new information is already released in College Navigator and will be used in the generation of next year’s list,” she said.


Goed/EF/Hult/Erika loan

Here is a part which prospective student needs to be careful of all. Once you complete you “MBA” from hult IBS, that is when your pain will start. You will suddenly realise yourself in a foreign country, with no job, a worthless degree, no money and a huge loan to carry.

Now you expected a job which will repay the loan which you don’t have any. Hult will suddenly start calling you to repay the loan to be a good alumni. They will change the collection agency so that the brand of hult is not affected during your debt collection.process. The debt will be transferred to another financial company based in hong kong supposedly not-connected with Hult/EF but guess what? the official remains same. And they change the name of company every year. So it is GOED today, ERIKA yesterday and some new name next year, so that it is impossible to track the pattern of profit-making here.

They will give you all sorts of offer like “please pay interest only”, “we will take over your loan”, “let us defer by six months and we will check your situation again”. They will also threaten at different level like “you are responsible citizen, you don’t want trouble”, “we have to transfer to debt collection agencies”, “we will drop at your office”, “we would like to meet you at home”.  And here is the most sick part “they will chase you till you are all screwed up“. Those people will not bother alumni where there is no hope for collection say a poor student in africa or with-no-job-person in nigeria. And they will keep bothering people who are employed with a assumption that they are bound to pay the debt otherwise there job would be in trouble. so it is all very sickening.

You cannot compare Hult with Ivy League schools. so this is all you got !!

You cannot compare Hult with Ivy League schools so this is all you got !!

This is the most convincing argument put by some of the Hult recruiters/employees when confronted with the facts. This logic leaves you stumped because as an alumni/prospective candidate you always hoped and wished that your college should be compared with the best. Now here is the problem with the logic. People who have actually experienced studying at Hult would actually rate the college poor than third grade colleges in the list. And topmost features that Hult lacks is the intention to improve the “education standard” of the school.  And here is why they need not and will not bother to improve even in coming years.

This one-year-format has been kept is such a way that once the you accept the hult invitation you will be kept busy for “what you have accepted”. The constant bombardment with short bullet courses along with your drive to realize the huge investment put by self will eventually lead you till end of the course. If you add “campus rotation” to your jig, believe me you will not realize what has hit you during this period. The whole education model is built like an “extended corporate training” packaged in form of very costly “global MBA” degree. Except the fact that its your hard earned money. If i see back today i would only do this course only if i am forced by my company (off-course free of cost) as it is not worth my 11 months of my professional life. And believe me the management is fully aware of this. When i was “rotated” to another campus  and i walked into their “career services” asking details about employment opportunities Hult is exploring for its students, there was a grin on their faces and even mocked me for my to-the-point questions. Till date (and believe me i have been approached by tons of ex-hult students) i have not found a single student who upgraded themselves to “a better position” because of hult MBA. Let us not count those students who nothing before MBA and they got a “clerical” job in an foreign country. And off-course you can always become one of their recruiters for “one and half year”

Even before course is wrapped up, management would start worry about making arrangement about your wayback home. And completing ignoring the fact that student has made hugh investment and expect some return in-form of better employment opportunities. Many student could not even attend their interviews as their passport were taken and were made ready to move out of country. Hult completely ignores the fact that these student that they have hired, in no condition can be classified as “immigration risk” and had a very respectable career in their respective countries before they got into Hult.

Financing an not-for-profit school

Below is the view shared by another desperate student from hult

Wow.! Taken from a hult student, ryan /sept 2012 from privious post,

“Also, what was disconcerting to me and many other then-students was when we figured out that Hult IBS is a for-profit school. The U.S. Non profit is a scammy front for the school. All of us wrote checks for our tuition to Hult Limited in Hong Kong. Hult Ltd then pays Hult IBS in the U.S. for the exact amount of expenses every year, allowing it to keep the NPO tax status, while pocketing the profit. I wish I was making this up. We discovered it when we were looking at Hult’s 990 tax forms (which are publicly available) in Massachusetts, that every NPO files which includes their costs. We did the math as MBA students and figured Hult is making off with a 45%-65% profit margin, at least on the U.S. campuses. It’s brilliant in and unto itself because it’s low cost education, i.e. they have no assets, lease campuses, contract professors as consultants, etc.”

Amazing research conducted by a group of annoyed hult students!


Look at what ryan wrote about hult on sept 9 2012, soooooooo true. hult staff avoided answering, because they couldnt. Ef and hult are known for moving money around havens and finding loopholes re non profi and tax. Inteligent. Hult mba emba and masters are huge cash cows for them, huuuuuge company.. feel sorry for anon/john , clearly angry and upset. The hult mba is Amazing, the time ofyour life, best year ever- but only when you listen to ef/hult recruiters and when u look at paid models in hult mba holiday brochures. Words like Scam, bad , aggresive, avoid, scandal all appear when googling hult. Funniest part is downloading a brochure and 2 or 3 of them pounce on you within a few hours, they hunt them down and leave a mess. who does that in higher ed and so called hard to get into top schools and worse still who falls for it?honest ones who trusted recruiters and ones that should have done their research before believing every word but they create aa enviroment making it hard to say no(theyre quick attractive and throw mickey mouse money at you). Thereare also ones desp to leave their country so hult is a easy way to exit, dont care about standars, just get to usa and Uk on student visa is enough.Stay clear and see thru the BS.

Another views by david and lola

  • The craziest b school out there. As a recent grad dont go to Hult, avoid this mba. Worthless degree. Cost a fortune of hard earned savings. they are full of false promises and very little delivery, agree with many on here that the school will be found out one day. They cant keep screwing people like this, trying to get in touch with my recruiter but she’s left, this is what they do . Annoyed and unhappy and clearly not alone.
  • Anon, couldnt agree more. would never work for this company ( not a school, yes a company), feel so sorry for those who studied and then have to work for such corrupt company, bad leaders, no vision. spend a few mins on the net to find out who they are and how they conduct themselves. We are starting a campaign to stop people from buying into false promises, we have collected 300 unsatisfied names so far that are ready to bring them down via forums and social media., the number will grow. They have to be stopped- or play fair, what they’re doing is unethical. How the leader and sales staff sleep at night is beyond me, their bank account helps hide the guilt. heard They are now paying off pagalguy, a massive indian mba forum, to remove negative comments about the mba experience, we made enquiries with pagalguy and they became very nervous When probed. Also search for ‘ef scam’, which happens to own hult, online and it’s the same story there, its a trail… My sister is in debt for life and degree is worth zero but this just our story, they ruin life with glossy brochures, pushy recruiters and fake $€$€ scholarships and a holiday mba. Hult is a Scam that must be stopped and social media and forums is the way to warn naive applicants..Avoid hult mba, fraud. As for the so called hult prize , nothing but a marketing ploy like anon said which more and more a figuring out by the day. Spammers!

Hult – Most International business school ??

Hult is very good in one thing. They know what is takes to get into rankings. Below are the parameters they mark religiously and try to excel in that. And these parameters are criteria for ranking calculations (for example in Financial times) As a result of which the college turns its worst part as best feature.

1. Alumni progression rank: All the parameters like salary today, percentage increase, value for money, career progression rank, employment in three months, placement success rank are all faked. The college selectively give access to candidates and alumni only to those who college thinks as  favorable so that it comes largely in respectable ranking.

2. Diversity: The parameters like women faculty,  women student, international faculty, international students, international board, international mobility if not recorded in its essence can actually be used to fool students. Now to get a good ranking you need to pump international students which is a good thing after all. isn’t it? How would an international student living far off would know about the school. So lets put all the resources to get those students. Putting resources in improving a school will not serve the purpose as it has been declared as “not-for-profit” school anyway. How about about putting 100% international students as Americans would obviously know about the school and wont put a penny to “earn” an degree here.

Similarly they need to care about quality of professors here. They just need to put either women or international professor, he just need to be ready to spend 5 week at international locations. Which is not a bad deal for all except for the student who cannot get access to the professional after the session as he need to head back to his country/work.

3. Idea generation: Parameters like faculty with doctorates and research also plays along the same line. These so called professor are highly qualified ADL consultants who has done quite some works in research. They are not “permanent faculty” here. They are offered a handsome amount to come for few weeks, enlighten these student and then go back. So if you see, everybody gains but the students. ADL Consultants get some good bucks for their mal-practice and school get a the course slots filled with talented people. School also shows them as resident faculty which helps them in there rank.


A wonderful model for education. isn’t it??

Recruiters at Hult International Business School

I will start with their recruiting process and their recruiting team. It will also indicate how vicious the whole MBA cycle is.

In most case the recruiters are normally their MBA students who could not secure job after MBA. But they also need to repay the Education loan that they has taken from the same college to do the MBA. So they are left with no option but to work with them and recruit similar candidate who has similar psychological profiling and educational & financial background. They has to do it till school recovers their amount and then they are thrown out as they “could not recruit enough”. In many cases that i am aware of, these “Recruiting director” who normally has stellar track record before MBA are left with untraceable pattern of job changes to finally become “entrepreneur”.

Review on economist


here is the link

I am currently enrolled in the Hult IBS programme in Boston Campus.
After six months into the program I have serious doubts about the overall credibility of the school. Please do not take the following criticism wrong. I feel that there are great professors at Hult (Managerial Economics, Global Strategy, International Accounting, Finance), however, the administration and organization of the school is flawed. In specific, I have identified the following main issues:

– no credibility in the grading policy
Most of the grades are not published to the students. Professors and Registrar often just provide half of the total grades of a course. Also irregularities were observed in which some students received better grades than others – even though they were in the same team and had similar individual assignments. In addition, everyone will be graded in comparison to other students. This becomes an issue whenever different professors teach the various cohorts using different case studies and exams, too!

– very limited help in VISA, Rotation and accommodation matters
The school does not provide accommodations at many campuses. Except for pointing at jumpoffcampus.com and craigslist.com they do absolutely nothing to help students to find a room or apartment. In locations such as Shanghai and Dubai it gets even worse as students are not able to choose their roommates in the dorm-rooms. Consequently, couples may get separated by sheer randomness in the room assignment process.

– questionable selection of students
They accept pretty much everyone who is willing to pay the $66.000. According to rumors some students have been accepted with GMAT scores of 400 and TOEFL scores of 70. For Students with language difficulties Hult offers English classes which, however, are not mandatory.
Hult underlines the importance of team-work. Therefore students are assigned to groups of six. Hereby, you can be lucky if you only have 1-2 free-riders on your team. Nothing can be really done against free-riders because Hult staff will simply argue that it is your responsibility to make a dysfunctional team work.
The teamwork at times is so tedious and the schedules are so overloaded with assignments that no team ever does it as they are supposed to. Instead by mid-term usually the team is broken up into various individual assignments, or into assignments completed by two of team members.
In brief: The team work system of Hult is broken.
On a funny side-note: One of the students posted a video of himself in transparent underwear on the offical Hult GPA facebook page! :o )

– high cost for value
As already mentioned before, 66k+ accomodation is a lot of money. In fact it is the most expensive program – given the fact its duration is only one year. For a lump total sum of 100k Hult does not even provide free printing papers but instead charges up to 50 cents per page on color printers.

– piss-poor planning of schedules
With the arrival of the MIB cohort the Boston campus became awfully crowded. Especially before presentations there is a severe lack of meeting and breakout rooms at the campus. Also there are only two seminar rooms available for the four cohorts (3x MBA + 1x MIB). In consequence, the schedules of the cohorts are very fragmented. Typically, an average schedule might look as follows:
Monday 8:30-9:50 Financial Management, Break, 16:00-19:00 Global Operations, Tuesday 8:30 – 11:30 International Marketing.

– no career perspective
Students are baited to Hult for great career opportunities. Well let me break the news for you: Not going to happen!
Hult prides itself with the biggest post-MBA salary increase. This is just a statistical exercise as about 80% of the students come from countries with very low-salaries (Mexico, Peru, Columbia, Venezuela, China, India, etc.).
Furthermore, Hult also loves to point out its glorious past as ADL-school and its roots in consulting. Do not bother to apply for consulting unless you have a Hult GPA above 3.8. The best you can hope for is to get into Finance or Human Resources. I’ve personally talked to various graduates of 2012 who are still looking for a proper work and beat the time doing internships.

Conclusion: At Hult you are not a customer, not even a product; you are a cow that will be milked!


Another one.

Dont pay that deposit amount! they’ll suck you in and before you know it you’ll be sitting in that classroom 50k plus thinking how did i get into this mess, they trap students/customers. no rumors regarding 400 gmat- it’s the truth, well actually i know of a 380 in this batch. Its pure sales, some recruiters are former grads who cant pay their loans back and without a job and therefore end up doing their dirty work for this for-profit company. Company not a bschool. Also heard that some scored less than 300 gmat but sales found a way of admission, these happen in june,july and even august as they fill the classroom like air india do, all seats must be taken. most horrible part is that these late comers get more scholarships than the real talent that secured seats months in advance. there are So many genuine mba programs out there, dont settle with these guys, you will regret this. think very hard, it isnt a holiday and it shouldnt be treated like one. this is about a rich learning exp with a very selective group not a free for all as long as you can pay hult. i just downloaded a brochure and it would look better in a travel agency, since EF Education owns hult then it makes total sense. if you search for ef scam and hult scam in google you’ll find the same old complaints, amazing what you can find but dont have to dig that hard any more. i discovered this from another forum. Feel so sorry for the talented ones in the batches over the years as they could have done so much more with their savings. They set these people with big dreams up to fail, like the person said above this is about milking the cow. Its a scam. I’m aware of hult alums that are livid with their recruiter but really its the company they should pursue. If you are reading this and you’ve already commited then i feel so bad for you. Better to walk away from a deposit than have 66k around your neck, . sure u could gain that loss in a valid financial aid package. degree is worth 10k, no more. So many good mba schools out there…

students review on gmatclub.com

Here is the link. And from my own experience it is very true

As someone who studied with HULT I feel I should let people know that it’s true that this school is a scam. I know someone who worked at HULT who explained that sales-people/recruiters are under a lot of pressure to recruit, otherwise they are fired – the result is that they recruit anyone and the appalling, hire and fire, corporate culture with no morals is ultimately why the school fails.

It sickens me that HULT paint themselves as philanthropists when the cash they donate for ‘the HULT prize’ is blatently used for marketing. HULT is like it’s parent company – EF (Education First), they have an immoral way of operating, trying to squeeze their customers as well as their staff for everything they’ve got, claiming charitable status and generally behaving in a dishonerable manner.

I sincerely regret attending HULT and this has been compounded by seeing how this morally corrupt organisation conducts itself.

On a positive note – I suppose they could improve but it would have to start with changing the ethos from making as much money as possible without considering quality, morals and how they treat both staff and students.

An MBA should be about learning about how to grow employees and creating sustainable, ethical organisations etc. It’s hard to hear this at the same time as studying at a morally bankrupt organisation.

Similar comments by another one.

HULT International Business School is a complete scam… DO NOT be fooled by all these rankings they like to toss around.

First off, HULT is just one division of a larger corporation called EF. The HULT ‘campus’ is two floors of an office building. There is no real campus.

Secondly, have you noticed that they charge unbelievably high tuition and yet accept students with unbelievably low GMAT scores? This place is just a business itself, not a real school.

Also, there is no real admissions committee. They will take anybody who can pay. The information sessions held around the world are run by sales people whose sole job is to meet sales quotas and to ‘get’ more students. Those sales people only happen to live in cities where HULT knows it can find wealthy students who will pay large sums of money to attend a ‘prestigious’ program overseas.

Notice that the publicity they have, online and in print, is all staged using such beautiful people, like models. I don’t know any other business school that needs to make publicity looking like a fancy magazine. Again, they are trying to appeal to people who have money. Once they have your money, and then they do not deliver. You are on your own.

This is not a prestigious program at all. Their workers are just that, sales people and office workers with fancy titles. This is not an academic program. I am very disappointed and recommend you look elsewhere

Review by Hult student on pagalguy.com

It is an old post which has been now burried by comments from Hult recruiters through some fake names claiming to be current students. It was started by some unknown student from dubai campus who was shattered to realize that whatever has been shown was fake and he and his fellow candidates has been cheated badly. The link for the said page is here.

1. Career Services (Placement Cell) has not lived upto anyones expectations. Hult Career services helps us by letting us know that we are on our own and expect no help from them.
The career services is just for show and they will give you a lot of time as they are always in their offices instead of visiting executives and companies. A lot many things can be written on Career Services but its waste of time wasting money on a defunct service.

2. The admissions officers may be telling you all big stories of placements but the fact is that only one or two have got a job while studying at Hult Dubai and that too through their own connections. The other 6 to 8 are either on study leave from their companies or have their own businesses prior to joining Hult. So Hult claims in front of the students that they have placed 8. In front of you students they must be saying a higher figure, which is all crap.

In fact the whole staff oh Hult Dubai is Unprofessional including the Dean. When you go to the dean with your queries, he will divert you and talk more of Scuba Diving and trips to Oman etc. So basically the management control is missing and when this happens in any organization, its a disaster.

In fact if you join Hult Dubai, you will be learning Management at the most unmanaged B School.

3. Facilities and infrastructure is mediocre. No Library (U need to walk half a mile to the IMT library). The Classes are small. Not enough Team rooms.
With abatch of 100 we are finding it tough to fit in. Imagine they have planned for 150 or so next batch.

4. Academics:The faculty is excellent. You also get the option of choosing your exam modes, postponing exams if you are underprepared and even not sitting for the exam and requesting a re-exam. All things are possible here.

5. Level of Satisfaction: It frustrates me to answer this question. Only consoling thing is that the Faculty is Excellent. However, in Dubai they are present only during your 10 or 15 day class schedules and then return back to Boston or wherever they work. So the constant source of mentoring is not available unless you want some mentoring for Scuba Diving and Gliding etc. for which the Dean is readily available.

Besides the faculty part, we all are a dejected lot. We are onto ourselves to make a career and we all think back to the day we made this horrific decision.

Also beware of one fact that the Campus is not a Campus but ONE Floor in one of the buildings in Dubai International Academic City. So dont go by the pictures they show you, just remember its ONE floor in ONE Building.

Also, remember to bargain as much as you can if in case you still plan on taking admissions. There are many students here on full loans given by college/school and have not paid a single money from their pockets.

There have been students who did half the course without paying a single cent and went back realizing that they are wasting their time and money here after leaving their well paid jobs.

There may be many things promised to you before you join which will turn out to be false when you join and have paid the money in full.

Now they have another tactic to entice you, the FT ranking. So guys beware. Its not only your career at stake but all your life’s savings which these guys will steal away from you with your consent.

Hult Boston is somewhat better with faculty available to mentor you. There too its not the whole building and I cannot say about the career services but the fact is that US has been hit hard so you may not get jobs / H1 Visas there. The admin ther eis somewhat professional and the Dean does not do Scuba Diving etc.

When we joined Hult Dubai, we had a Dean who resigned within 10 or 15 days. He is now the Dean of SP Jain Dubai. And we got a Scuba Diver pulling us all underwater to drown.

Be Careful, Observe, Listen, think, take feedback and then decide to take the leap.

About this blog

To start with i am an alumni of hult IBS. I am not any of the below that Hult recruiter team will reply to   my posts with some fake name claiming to be one of the current enlightened student of hult.

  1. A student that was forced to drop out from the school due to poor academic performance or failure to comply to the school’s rules on cheating and plagiarism;
  2. A detractor, that has never been to a B-School; or,
  3. A disturbed candidate that is highly insecure and would blame his low life syndrome on external parties.

But the whole idea to start this blog is to bring all the past student of hult to come on single platform and together we can offer what was not available when we accepted to join hult; a true opinion on their doubts. Unfortunately the web is too full of information and its getting really bad with social marketeers serving their own interest.  So let those valuable comments not be lost in rubble of useless comments. And these with a hope that Hult and EF education first will take some positive points from this blog and try to fix it so that we too can be proud of our MBA college.